Customer privacy statement

We keep privacy for personal information

We will take appropriate physical, electronic and management technology to protect your personal information. We will not provide your any personal information to irrelevant third party without your clear permission unless in accordance with law or government mandatory provisions. But, if we need send you some prize we need provide your name and address to the third party but which doesn’t mean we have already disclosed your other personal information. Customer can use our product and service in safety.

Privacy protection
Privacy system

Respect the user privacy is a basic policy of this site. So, our site will definitely not disclose, edit or reveal its registration date and the content stored in the private site. The information will be only used for the purpose of that has been determined, we will ask for your approval in advance if there will be any addition purpose.

Privacy statement

1、 Our website will admit, respect and protect any or all personal information provided by registration user and user’s privacy right according to civil law of the People’s Republic of China.

2、 Registration user can notice us any changed information including address, position, phone number and email address anytime to make sure the accuracy of the information. We will work to protect user’s personal information and privacy right, and do everything possible to make sure that the information security.

Collected Information
Personal Information

“Personal Information” is refers to your any identification of information. It includes: Name, Gender, Birth Date, ID, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address, Professional, Education and Working Experience and so on. Generally speaking, you do not need to provide your personal information can access this Website. But to improve the service quality, this Website may need to provided your personal information, in order to make the website to better understand your needs to serve you, and meanwhile the website has right to verify the authenticity of your personal information. If you provided the personal information about others, It shows that you have obtained official permission from others. This website commitment, except by your own will, we will not pass your personal information to this website and other related website outside of any third party.

The purpose of collecting user personal Information

When we need you to provide us with personal information, this website will ask for your approval, so according to your request to provide you with services or executive affairs, including: receiving about website’s products and service information, access to limited by the senior site, registered to participate in activities or training, purchase or registered website products, customer satisfaction survey, market research and promotion, law mandatory regulation, etc.

The company will how to use the information based on our service way, we collect users’ information to indentify the identity that for delivery our products and confirm the delivery address and inform shipping information, so avoid sample profile delayed or lost. We used electronic contact way when you visit the website or to send us email. You agree to electronically accept our information. We will use Email contact with you. We may use your information reply you get other information needs, and contact, if necessary in the service of your account or other marketing purpose. In addition, for some transactions, our system may use your trading specific content, by checking the consistency of the electronic data, provides the special report, and the date from the original form into the existing transaction form to make your trading automation and line change. We will mail for some purpose to use the information provided by you. For instance, you may sometimes will receive the answer a questionnaire or try out new products and services invitation. We will use what you provide for some mail objective information. For example, you may sometimes have a answer the questionnaire or try new products and services to the invitation. Your feedback will help us according to your need to develop new products and services. How to modify and delete or permanently remove the information: you have the right to choose whether to accept our email, investigation or the information of products and services. Every email you received a "unsubscribe" selection

Information security

This website commitment, safety, protect your personal information at the same time, take appropriate security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Information. We will try our best to provide you a reasonable and practical way for you to confirm and correct inaccurate information or update the information provided by you. The company will not be the information to the third party.

Privacy protocol changes

This may be due to some reason to change this privacy policy. Now, use the information we collect actually subject to use or to collect these information privacy protocol. If we change the use of personal information, we will be sent via email or post on this site announcement way inform you. In the first release of such changes, the user of the site is subject to the privacy policy of any change.

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