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OTM teaching methodology

Hampson's exclusive and innovative OTM teaching methodology: OTM, representing Objective Teaching Method, is a cutting-edge learning method.Hampson creatively caters OTM to China domestic English training and establishes a well-rounded system of foreign tutor one-on-one assessing, placing, goal setting, classroom teaching, testing and evaluating. Relying on its unparalleled human capital advantage combined with customization, the system helps Hampson achieve high efficiency and effectiveness in language training.

Five basic targeted goals in OTM:
To have a thorough grasp of one set of teaching materials
To develop a good learning habit
To foster a hobby
To build up courage
To make friends

OTM advantages: 1. More effective individualized learning plan. At Hampson, each learning plan is customized for each student based on his/her individual goal and current language level to achieve the best learning effect within scheduled time period.
2. One-on-one tutoring, more opportunities for speaking and listening. Each student has his/her own exclusive foreign teacher, meaning more opportunities to convey a face-to-face conversation. Our courses are designed in accordance with the interests of students, enabling them to discover the joy of learning English at a fast speed.
3. Incorporating foreign teachers with local teachers if necessary to induce all-round improvement. For students currently unable to take courses led only by foreign teachers, we offer courses given by both foreign teachers and local teachers to make it easier for students to switch the channel to English from Chinese.
4. Advance faster with the Objective Teaching Method, OTM is guided with students' learning targets, leading to a faster goal achieving.
5. Scientific student ranking model, precise measurements during the whole learning process. For each student, foreign teachers will identify his/her language level at enrollment, test periodically to monitor the progress and adjust the learning plan in real time to ensure a quick accomplishment.
6. Providing training courses and hobby cultivation courses to boost confidence and ensure a lasting learning effect. Hampson has prepared a variety of training courses and hobby cultivation courses in an authentic English-language environment to facilitate breakthroughs in speaking and to build an awareness of English-speaking culture.
7. Flexible time and locations, all up to you! Due to its one-on-one course format, students can book or cancel a course 24 hours in advance according to their own schedule.
8. More professional native-speaking foreign teachers with internationally recognized TEFL/TESL certificates. Our foreign teachers are all from English speaking countries and hold internationally recognized TEFL/TESL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) certificates.