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English Course for Adults

To address students' needs for career development, Hampson offers an English course to eliminate their problems with professional English and facilitate their career enhancement. The comprehensive course is designed specifically for adults, using OTM as a tool.

Adults Winner: One-on-one customized course: Adults Winner is a program designed specifically for adults, using the OTM teaching method. One-on-one or one-on-two classroom teaching is delivered by well-trained and certified foreign teachers. The course starts with a consultant designing a personal course plan that is specifically aimed to meet individual's learning objectives. Throughout the course, teachers follow a carefully tailored continuous assessment system to monitor students' progress and identify areas that need improvement. To complement the continuous classroom assessment, progress is also evaluated by teachers at the end of each level to ensure that students are reaching their absolute potential.

Level One: With carefully selected entry-level English materials for adults coupled with experienced teachers, the course helps students to foster interests, study techniques and eventually master everyday English, such as greetings, describing an object's name and inquiring about a profession.

Level Two: The course is designed for people with basic knowledge in English. With a combination of teaching materials, a sound course structure and professional foreign teachers, it helps students enlarge their vocabulary and language patterns, boost confidence and eventually master basic English, such as making a self-introduction, describing a person's appearance and inquiring about price and frequency of occurrence.

Level Three: The course is designed for people with intermediate knowledge in English. Using teaching materials at average difficulty level coupled with effective methodology, it helps students break the bottleneck in learning English, raise capacity and eventually master intermediate English, such as describing what is happening with fluency, expressing emotions, formulating plans and making reasonable recommendations.

Level Four: The course is designed for people with above average knowledge in English. Using advanced teaching materials coupled with professional foreign teachers, it provides enormous opportunities for students to practice, through which they will be able to broaden vocabulary, reinforce grammar and eventually speak fluent English.

Level Five: The course is designed for people with an intermediate or above knowledge in English. Using advanced teaching materials facilitated with professional foreign teachers, it provides enormous opportunities for students to practice, through which they will be able to uplift language capability, precisely express willing and exchange ideas with others in a free and cheerful environment.

Level Six: The course is designed for people with advanced knowledge in English. Using international advanced teaching materials with the aid of professional foreign instructors, it helps students promote oral fluency and listening ability and freely communicate without obstacles.

Social Club In the course, students enjoy the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of group activities. It starts with group discussions and ends up with individual presentations. Students will perfect their English and communication skills by applying their knowledge to real-life social scenarios.
Targeted Issues:
1. Lack of practical English application ability;
2. Inadequate social skills;
3. Taking English as a subject without knowing how to apply it in real life.

Selected Readings from Newspapers The course offers numerous well-selected articles covering finance and economics, biographies, fashion, culture and entertainment in order to introduce diversified culture backgrounds of foreign countries. It helps students broaden their horizons, amplify topics for their daily conversation and most importantly improve their reading ability, enabling them to feel the fun of reading. Targeted Issues: 1. Unable to read English fluently;
2. Taking new words as a huge barrier in reading;
3. Lack of topics in English daily conversation while thriving in Chinese.