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Founded in March 2002 as part of Beijing Hampson Online Culture Development Ltd., Hampson English is a high-end English training brand and the first Chinese foreign private tutor featured foreign language research and training institute. It is a private education organization authorized by Beijing…[more+]

Development Milestones

2002 March Hampson English founded in Beijing, launching the first Chinese nationwide foreign private tutor programs.
2005 May CCTV released two reports on Objective Teaching Method
2006 May Beijing Zhongguancun learning…[more+]

Well-known Brand Courses
OTM teaching methodology

Hampson's exclusive and innovative OTM teaching methodology: OTM, representing Objective Teaching Method, is a cutting-edge learning method.Hampson creatively caters OTM…[more+]


Foreign Teacher Recruiting(Full time)
Foreign Teacher Recruiting (Part Time) …[more+]

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